Almost 1000 stand up to Big Banks in SF

Brenda Reed, like thousands of other home owners across the country, is fighting to save her home from Chase bank. A Vietnam War widow organizing with Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, Brenda has lived in her home for decades, but a fraudulent loan with Washington Mutual has her facing that home being sold at the auction block just one week before Thanksgiving.  But she is clear and told marchers, “Chase cannot have my home!” Check out the video footage from the march here:

Brenda was one of 6 homeowners, community members and city workers, to sit in at Chase today in Downtown San Francisco, as part of the finale of the Make the Banks Pay week of actions organized by the Re-Fund California Coalition. Almost 1,000 people marched through the Financial District of San Francisco calling on banks to pay for the financial crisis that they have caused. They are asking the banks to keep families in their home through modifications with principal reduction, for the banks to pay the taxes that they owe, and for foreclosed properties to be returned to families.  Today’s action was part of a national week of actions with the “New Bottom Line” coalition.

Stay tuned for more actions in LA next week and for a large mobilization of students on November 8th and 9th!

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ABOUT US: ReFUND California is a coalition of organizations throughout California committed to exposing the unfairness of the state’s current economic reality and engaging in public campaigns to force the changes that are necessary.