Bay Area week of action update

A week of actions directed at the Wall Street banks that crashed our economy and have yet to pay for any of the destruction they have caused culminated on Thursday, September 29 with a march through San Francisco’s Financial District. Nearly 1000 people gathered at Bank of American and took to the streets visting a number of banks before ending up at Charles Schwab and Wells Fargo.

Organized by the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, the ReFund California coalition, the New Bottom Line Coaltion, and with participation from local activists like those from OccupySF, the week of actions have targeted those responsible for the economic crisis with actions like taking the trash from foreclosed and abandoned houses to the offices of local banks, closing accounts and moving money out of the big banks, confronting corporate executives at a private party at ATT Park, and this almost 1000-person march. Click see more for some videos and the story of Brenda Reed, an Oakland homeowner facing a foreclosure auction.


Picture from Twitter user @perpetuallyphil.

As part of the event on Thursday, marchers went to Chase, where a small group of six people took over the lobby. Led by Brenda Reed, an Oakland homeowner for 38 years facing a foreclosure auction on the Monday before Thanksgiving, the six demanded that Chase work with Ms. Reed to modify her loan so she can stay in the house that has been her home for decades. A Vietnam War widow, Reed was the victim of predatory lending practices of now-defunct Washington Mutual. The six were arrested and released, but Reed was able to tell her story to the local media including the SF Bay Guardian, NBC Bay Area and KRON 4.

Here’s Brenda sitting in:

The march itself looked like this:

And this is a great photo of the crowd outside Chase supporting the six people sitting-in.


The actions aren’t stopping. Just as events in the Bay Area are winding down, events in Los Angeles are about to heat up. To find out everything that is happening and to see more pictures and videos from the events, become a fan of the Make Banks Pay California Facebook page and follow the action on Twitter by searching for the #MakeBanksPay and #NewBottomLine hashtags and following the @HDL22 Twitter account.

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