de los Santos Family Begins 24 hour Vigil to Save Home

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Many of you have heard about or supported Art his campaign to save his home from unfair foreclosure by JP Morgan Chase and Freddie Mac. An ex-Marine, Arturo has lived in the home for about ten years with his wife and four kids. Last month, Art and his family took the courageous step of re-occupying their home after being foreclosed on. Art has always had the income to afford the property, and since moving back in he has publicly asked JP Morgan Chase and Freddie Mac why they won’t accept his money.

Now, rather than sit down and talk, the banks are attempting to have Art and his family forcefully removed from the property. Freddie Mac CEO Charles Haldeman has accused Art of “costing taxpayer money” by preventing the company from selling the home – even though Art’s willing to make payments, and the house sat vacant for six months before the family moved back in! Haldeman is soon to resign after refusing to lower executive pay at taxpayer-backed Freddie Mac – and now he’s accusing working class homeowners of wasting taxpayer money!

These developments occur at a critical time for American homeowners – right now big banks are in final negotiations with Attorneys General around a deal to provide some relief for wrongfully foreclosed and underwater homeowners in exchange for criminal immunity for JP Morgan Chase and other banks.


Thursday, January 26

 •1 p.m. Superior Court, 13800 Heacock St., Moreno Valley 92553
hearing on Freddie Mac’s motion for a new writ of possession
(hearing in Department MVIUD; meeting 12:45 at court main entrance)

•4 p.m. Riverside Sheriff Headquarters, 4095 Lemon St., Riverside 92501
accompanied by local supporters and clergy, Art and his family will personally request that Sheriff Stan Sniff not enforce the eviction order

•6 p.m. 3270 Layton Court, Riverside 92503
news conference at the De los Santos home announcing an encampment with supporters

Friday, January 27

•5:45 a.m. 3270 Layton Court, Riverside 92503
vigil at Art’s home to support the family – please come early if you can!

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