KTLA - 5 covers Rose Gudiel's resistance to foreclosure eviction

One_Hell_of_An_American_Dream.jpgLocal station KTLA - 5 did a very good story on the efforts of Rose Gudiel and ACCE to save her some from an unjust foreclosure eviction. Watching it really brings home how important it is that the Wall Street banks who crashed the economy work with homeowners to foregive principle and come up with modifications that work for everyone. 

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Y’all may want to check your facts. Hector Tobar wrote an article in the LA Times where Rosemary admits that she stopped paying her mortgage for TEN MONTHS!

Her story was fishy from the get-go. She’s the sole owner on the deed paying $400K for a house in 2005 (near the height of the frenzy) on a rep’s salary at EDD (somewhere around $60k). She was in way over her head on this purchase.

Then, we are supposed to believe that a bank foreclosed on her house, now worth only $260K, when she was only two weeks late on a single payment? Why in the world would a bank want to foreclose on a home that far underwater if the homeowner was still agreeing to pay? They wouldn’t.

This is no story about fascism, conspiracies, or corporate greed.

This is a story about a woman caught up in the exuberance of a soaring housing market in 2005, who made some bad choices, and is now reaping what she sowed.
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