100+ Educators sign petition to Fund California’s Public University System through New Sources of Tax Revenue

A growing list of 113 faculty  from across the state have signed a petition calling upon UC Board of Regents to unequivocally support new sources of tax revenue in CA to put an end to budget cuts and are supporting the November 9th and 16th week of action.


We, the undersigned University of California faculty, urge education leaders and policy-makers in California to support equitable and sustainable solutions to California’s budget crisis. The public university system in California has been regarded as one of the most innovative, productive, and accessible university systems in the entire world. As beneficiaries of this system, we believe it is our responsibility to ourselves, to our students, and to the citizens of California to protect the integrity of this institution.

Since 2009, the state has cut approximately $17 billion from public education, and is considering enacting another $2.5 billion in new “trigger cuts” in the coming months. To cover revenue losses, education leaders and policy-makers have placed the burden on one of our most vulnerable populations, our students. Student “fees” at the University of California have tripled since the 2000-2001 academic year. And at the September UC Board of Regents meeting, the Regents declared that it would once again need to raise fees another 16% per year over the next four years to cover expected losses in state support. The result would be that the 2011-2012 freshman class would pay approximately $22,000 in fees during their senior year (2014-15), on pace to be well above the national average for public higher education. And while the cost of a higher education has climbed upward, the value of education has declined: writing and tutoring centers, library resources, class availability, and resources for instructors have suffered significant losses. All this comes at a time of stagnant returns to receiving a post-secondary education in the form of job market prospects.

This system is inequitable and unsustainable. We endorse the student-led November 9th through 16th “Week of Action” asking members of the UC Board of Regents to unequivocally support new sources of tax revenue in CA to put an end to budget cuts.


(Institution for identification purposes)

Chris Benner, City & Regional Development, UC Davis

Richard Flacks, Sociology, UC Santa Barbara

Raul Hinojosa, Chicana/o Studies, UCLA

Jackie Leavitt, Urban Planning, UCLA

Alice O’Connor, History, UC Santa Barbara

Ellen Reese, Sociology, UC Riverside

Chris Tilly, Urban Planning, UCLA

David Brundage, History, UC Santa Cruz

Eileen Boris, Feminist Studies, UC Santa Barbara

Sean Burns, History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz

Edwin Amenta, Sociology, UC Irvine

Isaac William Martin, Sociology, UC San Diego

Leila J. Rupp, Feminist Studies, UC Santa Barbara

Gillian Hart, Geography, UC Berkeley

Toby Miller, UC Riverside

Peter Baldwin, History, UCLA

Michael Watts, Geography, UC Berkeley

David Brody , History, UC Davis

Hugh (Bud) Mehan, Sociology, UC San Diego

William Roy, Sociology, UCLA

Michael Burawoy, Sociology, UC Berkeley

Jody Blanco, Literature, UC San Diego

Louise Fortmann, ESPM, UC Berkeley

Irene Bloemraad, Sociology, UC Berkeley

Carol Goldstein, Urban Planning, UCLA

Toby Higbie, History, UCLA

Noah Zatz, School of Law, UCLA

Roger Waldinger, Sociology, UCLA

Gaspar Rivera-Salgado, Labor Center, UCLA

Anne-Lise François, English & Comparative Literature, UC Berkeley

Susanne Jonas, UC Santa Cruz

Ming Tan, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, UC Irvine

Heidi Tinsman, History, UC Irvine

Carol Lansing, History, UC Santa Barbara

David E. Kaun, Economics, UC Santa Cruz

Natalia Deeb-Sossa, Chicana/o Studies, UC Davis

Walter L. Goldfrank, Sociology & LALS, UC Santa Cruz

Kathy Thompson, Institute for Research on Labor & Employment, UC Berkeley

Jean Lave, Geography, UC Berkeley

Nancy K. D. Lemon, School of Law, Berkeley

Erika Suderburg , Art, UC Riverside

Brenda Deen Schildgen, Comparative Literature, UC Davis

Susan Schweik, English, UC Berkeley

Jeffrey Skoller, Film & Media, UC Berkeley

Michael Omi, Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley

Judith Butler, Rhetoric & Comparative Literature, UC Berkeley

Juana María Rodríguez, Gender and Women's Studies, UC Berkeley

Deborah Gould, Sociology, UCSC

Kevin Olson, Political Science, UC Irvine

Leslie Salzinger, Gender and Women's Studies, UC Berkeley

Verta Taylor, UC Santa Barbara

Lousie Fortmann, Environmental Science, Policy & Management, UC Berkeley

Howard Winant, UC Santa Barbara

Evelyn Nakano Glenn, Ethnic Studies and Gender & Women's Studies, UC Berkeley

Barrie Thorne, Sociology and Gender and Women's Studies, UC Berkeley

Wendy Brown, Political Science, UC Berkeley

Marcy Whitebook, Institute for Research on Labor & Employment, UC Berkeley

Cecelia Lynch, Political Science, UC Irvine

Robert Horwitz, Communication, UC San Diego

Ian F. Haney López, School of Law, UC Berkeley

Harold Marcuse, History, UC Santa Barbara

Mary Furner, History, UC Santa Barbara

Drew Halfmann, Sociology, UC Davis

Matthew C. Mahutga, Sociology, UC Riverside

Jeff Haydu, Sociology, UC San Diego

Trond Petersen, Sociology, UC Berkeley

Sandra Susan Smith, UC Berkeley

Devra Weber, History, UC Riverside

Lyn Lofland, Sociology, UC Davis

Stephen Rosenbaum, School of Law, UC Berkeley

John R. Hall, Sociology, UC Davis

David A. Smith, Sociology/Planning, UC-Irvine

Ivan Light, Sociology, UCLA

Thomas D. Beamish, Sociology, UC Davis

Rebecca McKee, Institute for Research on Labor & Employment, UC Berkeley

Seth L. Schein, Comparative Literature, UC Davis

Suad Joseph, Anthropology and Women and Gender Studies, UC Davis

Peter Gourevitch , Political Science, UC San Diego

Peter Evans, Sociology, UC Berkeley

Gilbert G. Gonzalez, Chicano Latino Studies, UC Irvine

Maria Charles, Sociology, UC Santa Barbara

Michael Meranze, History, UCLA

Carole Joffe, UC San Francisco

Jonathan Ritter, Ethnomusicology, UC Riverside

Heather Haveman, Sociology, UC Berkeley

Vicki L. Ruiz, UC Irvine

Karen MacLeod, UC San Francisco

Sondra Hale, Anthropology & Women’s Studies, UCLA

Edward Yellin, Medicine & Health Policy, UC San Francisco

Richard A. Walker, Geography, UC Berkeley

Eddy U, Sociology, UC Davis

Professor Kari Lokke, Comparative Literature, UC Davis

Richard L. Abel, School of Law, UCLA

Karen Brodkin, Anthropology, UCLA

Jack Rothman, UCLA

Beate Ritz, Epidemiology SPH, UCLA

Irving Zabin, UCLA

Esther Zabin, UCLA

Steven P. Wallace, Community Health Sciences, UCLA

Paul Von Blum, African American Studies and Communication Studies, UCLA

Robert Brenner, History, UCLA

Sharon Traweek, Women's Studies & History, UCLA

Carole Pateman, Political Science, UCLA

Gerald F. Kominski, Health Services, UCLA

Goetz Wolff, Urban Planning, UCLA

Robin S. Liggett, Urban Planning, UCLA

Vinit Mukhija, Urban Planning, UCLA

Peter Baldwin, History, UCLA

Thomas Biolsi, Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley

Kim Voss, , Sociology, UC Berkeley

Marie Kennedy, Urban Planning, UCLA

Joyce Appleby, History, UCLA

Fred Block, Sociology, UC Davis

Todd Sorensen, Economics, UC Riverside

Cristián H. Ricci, Hispanic Literature, UC Merced

Carlos Muñoz, Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley

Paul Almeida, Sociology, UC Merced

Ruth Mostern, History, UC Merced

Simón Weffer, UC Merced

Wei Chi Poon, UC Berkeley

Ramon Grosfoguel, UC Berkeley

Neil Fligstein, Sociology, UC Berkeley

Nella Van Dyke, Sociology, UC Merced

Ed Soja, Urban Planning, UCLA

Rosaura Sánchez, Literature, UC San Diego

Janice Reiff, History, UCLA

Cristina Mora, Sociology, UC Berkeley

Min Zhou, Sociology, UCLA

Robert Rosen, Film, Television and Digital Media, UCLA

Laura Enriquez, Sociology, UC Berkeley

Cihan Tugal, Sociology, UC Berkeley

Hugh Roberts, English, UC Irvine

Loïc Wacquant, Sociology, UC Berkeley

Raka Ray, Sociology, UC Berkeley

Kyle Dodson, Sociology, UC Merced

Charles Henry, African American Studies, UC Berkeley

Ulrike Luderer, Developmental and Cell Biology, UC Irvine

Gillian Lester, Law School, UC Berkeley

Mary F. Corey, History, UCLA

Victor Becerra, UC Irvine

Ross Frank, Department of Ethnic Studies, UCSD

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