California’s public institutions -- health care, human services, parks, schools and colleges -- have experienced massive divestment. To date, California ranks first in the percentage of people living in poverty and near the bottom in funding for education.  

We are very far from adequately funding a healthy California that works for everyone – one where there is a strong safety net, quality and affordable public education, sound infrastructure, and adequately funded pensions.

Systematic cuts have sent us into a continued crisis. Many of these cuts were made in the depth of the Great Recession and never restored, despite the pressing need in communities across the state.

And yet we are being asked to accept the continued under-funding of vital services while there is “money on the table” – glaring corporate loopholes or giveaways that should be part of the equation. 

We must offset the massive divestment in our public services and put our economy back on the road to recovery.


Click the button below to Sign on to our campaign and Join us as we fight to ReFund California! 


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ABOUT US: ReFUND California is a coalition of organizations throughout California committed to exposing the unfairness of the state’s current economic reality and engaging in public campaigns to force the changes that are necessary.