Get involved in the statewide Week of Action beginning October 28th!

Tension is brewing on campuses and in communities as our public education system continues to be terribly underfunded and we see a trend towards both corporatization and privatization. The economic crisis coupled with Proposition 13 and the divestment from public education has compromised our education systems. Rather than start from zero, students are now entering the job market with negative worth.  Indeed, inequality is up and quality is down. It’s time for big corporations and the 1% to pay their fair share. 

A coalition of groups across the state are planning a Week of Action, October 28 through November 1st, in response to the role that Big Corporations, Wall Street and the wealthiest are playing in profiting off of the public education system. The call to action for these actions is:

  • Inequality is Up, Equality is Down- Let’s Take it Back and Refund California
  • It’s time for Big Corporations and the 1% to pay their fair share.

For the week of October 28 through November 1 many groups will join in with multiple actions throughout the week and one day of coordinated statewide action, on Thursday, October 31st   (Halloween).

A number of Higher Ed groups have joined ReFund for this Week of Action to advance an agenda to refund our public education system and stem privatization. The purpose of this action is to energize our base and build energy for a statewide 2014 revenue fight. We also hope to build for the long haul and advance a longer-term vision for access to a quality public education for all.

Stay tuned for updates on actions and events in your area!


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ABOUT US: ReFUND California is a coalition of organizations throughout California committed to exposing the unfairness of the state’s current economic reality and engaging in public campaigns to force the changes that are necessary.