Win-Win Solution: How Fixing the Housing Crisis Will Create 1 Million Jobs (8/11)

On August 17, 2011 ACCE and the New Bottom Line released a new report: "The Win-Win Solution: How Fixing The Housing Crisis Will Create One Million Jobs." This report details the positive economic benefits if banks simply lower the principal interest on all underwater mortgages to current market value:

• Create 1 million jobs every year -- This includes over 300,000 jobs in California, the state hit hardest by the financial crisis.
• Pump over $70 billion per year back into communities across the country for the next 30 years -- This includes $12 billion dollars per year in Florida, the second of the two states hit hardest by the foreclosure crisis.
• Save American families an average of over $500 per month on their mortgage payments
• Solve the foreclosure crisis once and for all

Click here to download the full report.

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