The Wall Street Wrecking Ball: What Foreclosures are Costing our Neighborhoods (Sept 2011)

Wall Street Wrecking Ball: What Foreclosures are Costing Our Neighborhoods: On the same day that RealtyTrac numbers showed that California foreclosure proceeding have seen the biggest increase over July numbers in the country (55%), a new report shows the full impact of the foreclosure crisis at the neighborhood level. The report, which was released September 15 at events in 5 communities throughout the state by members of a statewide coalition of homeowners, community leaders and students, shows that the foreclosure crisis is costing almost $80 billion in just the city of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Report

San Jose Report

San Francisco Report

Sacramento Report

Oakland Report

"Snapshot" with key findings in five above cities

Foreclosure: The Costs Communities Pay (San Diego)

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